The Curtiss Commando Page
The Curtiss Commando Page

A virtual museum about the Curtiss C-46 Commando

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This website was created on 20 December 2018 with the aim of being the reference for anything having to do with the Curtiss Commando: their history, the one of the men operating them, technical information about the aircraft, stories of adventures where Commandos took a central role, artwork.

Our initial efforts are focusing on creating an exhaustive database describing the basic history of each one of the 3,181 Commandos produced, including photos and operating airlines or military units. As of April 2021, we are proud to make the history of the first 1,600 Commandos produced available to you in this virtual museum. That's half of the fleet! Work continues... Be sure to share any feedback or additional information you may have about these airplanes!

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